Covid-19 and the changes in training.

IS-Training has made changes where necessary in the delivery of all courses and training due to the outbreak of Covid-19. We follow the government and industry guidance to ensuring we are providing a safe environment for our learners.

some of the changes include

Classroom/learning space set up to accommodate social distancing guidance

Additional PPE worn during some practical sessions

The skill of providing rescue breaths must still be included in CPR training and assessment, however adaptations to protocols that ensure the safe performance of first aid during the current Covid-19 outbreak will also be taught

Restricting the number of participants on some courses

Increased hygiene measures before, during and after specific tasks/sessions

A pre-course venue check will be carried out to ensure the venue has the required space to deliver the specific course/training

IS-Training will issue its own Covid-19 Risk Assessment to all course organiser or individuals prior to the course/training being delivered

Links to other guidance

NHS Covid19 information